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A Black Friday special that won’t disappear after Cyber Monday!

November 27, 2019

Four-speeds, 10 Splines in, 27 Splines out

In the crate and ready to ship US $1,635

F.O.B. Syracuse, New York.



2nd Quarter Delivery US $2,995



Two Speed Announcement

October 02, 2018

The season may be ending, but prepping for the next race never does.
You’re always planning a faster, more reliable car; Auto Gear would be
proud to help you build it.

If short tracks are your stage, we’d like you to consider the Model 32
‘Syracuse’ two-speed we’ll be shipping from early November.


(1) based on the race-proven ‘Syracuse’ four-speed
(2) uses the legendary M22 ‘Rock Crusher’ gear geometry
(3) ‘slick-shifted’ gearing shifts fast, even at high rpm
(4) lightweight cool-running aluminum castings
(5) low friction ‘super-finished’ gears and shafts
(6) sealed ball bearings for long life
(7) optional 10 or 26 input splines
(8) optional 27 or 32 output splines
(9) drop-in alternative to Saginaw or GM T10

Available direct FOB Syracuse, New York, assembled for US $1,450 or DIY
for US $1,250.

New M23 Gearsets!

January 22, 2018

You’d think with twenty seven choices we’d covered every requirement, but the quarter-mile community found one we missed: a mid 1.30’s third for our ultrawide sets. So now there are thirty six (thirty three possibly useful). Check it out here. And if you’re now even more unsure which is for you, Nathan is always available to help you sort it out.


February 27, 2017

Picture 676


We are pleased to announce that, effective immediately, all new Auto Gear N-Series four-speeds, whether assembled in Syracuse or from kits from approved distributors, will ship with a new shift cover assembly.

The new design offers:

(1) Larger diameter shift towers

(2) A larger and longer pivot pin tower

(3) Ribs (‘handcuffs’) connecting the shift towers, pivot tower and base
(4) A longer detent lever support
(5) Chemical gasket support

Why should you care?

The stronger new assembly was designed to contain the cover-distorting stress of aggressive high rpm shifting.

N-Series 4 Speed Announcement

April 19, 2016


You’re searching for a cost-effective gearbox with a legacy footprint and superior performance, raising the bar from year-to-year with more powerful and faster revving engines.  To date we’ve kept pace; but we both know we can’t continue to satisfy your evolving requirements with microscopic changes to a half-century-old platform. Eventually, you’ll need something new. Why not now?  Introducing the AUTO GEAR NSeries.

So, what’s new and why should I care?

INVOLUTE MAINSHAFT SPLINES.  Involute splines are the tiny gear-tooth-like splines found throughout almost every modern gearbox. Original equipment mainshafts with straight-sided splines need strength and performance-stealing lash to compensate for the errors in spacing and parallelism inherent in their manufacture.  Involute splines on N-Series mainshafts are more accurate, self-centering, can be designed for lashless fits (see next item) and even rolled (forged) for additional strength.

LASHLESS SYNCHRONIZER HUB FITS.  You can’t see it, but the 40 synchronizer splines on N-Series mainshafts are helical, a quarter-degree twist that squeezes out the lash as they’re pressed home. So, unlike original equipment, N-Series synchronizers don’t chuck like worn u-joints and will keep your sliding clutches and destination gears coaxial.

IMPROVED INTERMEDIATE JOURNALS.  A series of axial and parallel flats interrupting the second and third gear journals on N-Series mainshafts provide superior lubrication and more generous support.

STRAIGHT-TOOTHED REVERSE GEARS WITH INVOLUTE SPLINES.  Helical reverse gears slide easily into mesh. Too easily, perhaps, as almost every ‘Muncie’ four-speed rebuilt needs a new mainshaft reverse gear and mating idler assembly. Not all those tooth-chips find their way to a magnet before damaging bearings, gears and synchronizer rings, either, and the sliding gear can rattle on the generous lash required for a helical sliding fit. Certainly, they back up a little less easily, but N-Series gearboxes last longer and run more quietly.



General Motors had ‘M20s’ or ‘M22s’.  We needed something new but familiar and ‘New 20’, ‘New 22’ and ‘New 23’ fit the requirement, so we’re calling the original equipment ‘Muncie’ gearboxes ‘M-Series’ and the new gearboxes ‘N-Series’.

QUESTION: Will M and N-Series gearboxes interchange?

Yes. Envelope dimensions and mounting points are unchanged.

QUESTION: Will AUTO GEAR continue to assemble or kit ‘M-Series’ four-speeds?

Introduction of the N-Series will be staged; as N-Series applications are approved the sale of new M-Series gearboxes or gearbox kits for those applications will be discontinued.

QUESTION: How will applications be approved?

We will apply the same methods currently applied to the M-Series, that is, by evaluating each new inquiry against our database of similar successful installations. Applications unsupported by historic success that may now be supported by the more capable N-Series will receive special engineering attention. And, of course, we will continue to deny approval to any questionable application.

QUESTION: Will AUTO GEAR export N-Series gearboxes or gearbox kits?

Yes, but not before N-Series gearboxes for the intended application have been approved for sale and demonstrated successful in the United States.

QUESTION:  Does this delay apply to Canada?


QUESTION: Will N-Series improvements be legacy-compatible?

As economical kits, yes. Most new N-Series items will not substitute one-for-one with M-Series items.

QUESTION: When will N-Series upgrade kits be available?

That will depend on data returned from N-Series gearbox installations, but probably not before 2017.  An exception is the N-Series aluminum midplate, available now.

QUESTION: Will equivalent M-Series items be dropped from AUTO GEAR production when N-Series upgrade kits are released?

The M-Series synchronizer hubs, reverse sliding gear and reverse idler gear assembly have good service sales and will continue. The M-Series iron midplate, directly interchangeable with the stronger, lighter and more accurate N-Series aluminum design will remain available until inventory on hand is exhausted. M-Series mainshafts, used almost always in new gearbox production, will probably be dropped.

QUESTION: Regarding the N-Series, are additional features or specification enhancements planned?

Yes. The N-Series is an active AUTO GEAR development platform with several new items currently ‘in the pipe’.

QUESTION: Can you say what those are or when they will be available?
No, not before production is approved and scheduled.

QUESTION: What about the M-Series? Will development of the ‘legacy platform’ service and upgrade items continue?

We will continue to make changes to improve quality or in response to manufacturing requirements.