Two Speed Transmission Announcement

February 24, 2016

Two Speed TransmissionTwo Speed Assembly


(1)  STRONG.        Legendary M22 ‘Rock Crusher’ gearing, sourced in Italy for legendary accuracy.

(2)  EFFICIENT.        Low mass is good, but low inertia is better. Superfinished helical gears transmit more torque with less pumping loss, sending more torque to the tires.

(3)  VERSATILE.        Different classes and tracks require different strategies.  Choose from low gear ratios from 1.08 to 1.73, 10 or 26 spline inputs, 27 or 32 spline outputs.

(4)  LEGAL.        Installs in an original equipment case or our
‘SuperCase’ OE replacement for a gearbox legal almost everywhere.

(5)  AFFORDABLE.    Buy parts to resurrect an old ‘Muncie’, a complete ‘knocked down’ kit to roll your own, or a gearbox ready-to-race.